Filmhobby: 1 dood, 2 doden, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ..

crimescene krijtstrepenIeder zijn hobby, de vriendengroep ‘Bodycounters’ houdt sinds 2006 van alle films bij hoeveel doden er vallen.

    Een paar voorbeelden uit de gigantische lijst op, waarbij toch gezegd mag worden dat gekeken naar het aantal doden, de meeste horrorfilms lang niet zo bruut zijn:

    • Final Destination: 292
    • Hellraiser: 6 and 1 rat
    • King Kong: 26 with Ape. Also 3 dinosaurs, 4 T-Rexes, 35 various giant insects and 3 giant bats.
    • House of 1000 Corpses: 15
    • Underworld: 15 vampires, 29 lycan and one half lycan, half vampire fetus
    • Gremlins 2: The New Batch: 3 people, 322 gremlins
    • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005): Planet Earth, minus 2 people, minus 2 aliens, and minus all of the dolphins. Plus 2 crabs, 1 sperm whale, 1 bowl of petunias and an entire battle fleet of strange and warlike beings resplendent in black jeweled battle shorts. Plus two “mice.”

    De Bodycounters volgen bij het tellen van filmdoden 10 strikte regels:

    1. Every body counts. This includes cats, dogs, flies, aliens, cows, and even engagements.
    2. Fresh bodies only. Pre-existing bodies (deaths that did not happen during the course of the movie) do NOT count.
    3. Dream sequences do NOT count, but flashbacks DO.
    4. People that get turned into zombies and then die only count once. After all, it’s the same body.
    5. Clones count individually. After all, it’s a different body.
    6. There must be strong evidence supporting the death in the event there is no actual body. (A verbal statement that someone is dead does not count, unless it comes from a reliable and credible witness.)
    7. Fiction within fiction does not count.
    8. Alive until proven dead. If you have a reasonable doubt that they might have survived, you can’t count it. It’s like court and shit.
    9. Never count bodies alone.
    10. Sobriety is expressly forbidden. (This one is more like a guideline, really.)

    Steun jij De Nachtvlinders met een kleine maandelijkse bijdrage?

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