9e Hellraiser: Revelations zonder Pinhead

Een tijd lang gaan er al geruchten rond over een nieuwe Hellraiserfilm, voornamelijk bekend als de 3D remake Clive Barker Presents Hellraiser. Nu heeft Dimension films bekend gemaakt dat in september de opnames starten van een andere Hellraiser: Revelations geregisseerd door Victor Garcia met het script van Gary Tunnicliffe.

hellraiser - pinheadHellraiser: Revelations zal het moeten doen zonder Pinhead, Doug Bradley, de man die in alle eerdere films de rol van Pinhead vertolkt, heeft na het lezen van het script, het zien van het kleine budget en het beperkt aantal opnamedagen besloten om niet mee te doen. One way or another, this does not seem to me to represent a serious attempt to revive the Hellraiser franchise. However, I wish everyone who will be directly involved in the making of this film, good luck with it. aldus Doug Bradley tegenover DreadCentral.

Of iemand anders de rol van Pinhead zal vervullen is niet bekend, of zouden ze dan maar een andere Cenobite die plaats innemen? Maar met een nieuw deel in de Hellraiser-serie, zal de 3D remake voorlopig niet gebeuren.

Steun jij De Nachtvlinders met een kleine maandelijkse bijdrage?

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  1. De castingsheet van Hellraiser Revelations is opgedoken op het internet, let daarbij vooral op PSEUDO-PIN HEAD… als vervanging voor Doug Bradley…

    DR. ROSS CRAVEN Early 40s, handsome, a family man. His son disappeared two years ago and it has been a hard road back to family stability. He is a good man that has fought hard to keep his family together.

    EMMA 18, daughter of Ross and Sarah. She is lovely and inquisitive and on the verge of her own womanhood.

    STEVEN 20, son of Ross and Sarah. He is a seeker, a true misanthrope. After he graduated high school, he went on a backpacking trip with his friend Nico through Mexico, where he was presented with a choice to “experience a reality beyond current existence” and the puzzle box is presented and Pinhead becomes his master.

    NICO 20, Steven’s best friend and travelling partner. Once Nico realizes that the commitment to Pinhead is FOREVER, he attempts a daring switch plan to release himself from the puzzlebox.

    ENGINEER Male with dark olive skin, cloudy eyes. He is creepy looking, a man that has lived on the streets for years. The Engineer is a man of mysterious origins, and it is this man that draws the curious souls into Pinhead’s reality.

    MALE CENOBITE Male 20-30s, British accent, Caucasian, very pale, tall and thin, the actor should be comfortable in full body makeup along with special effects contact lenses, face and head special effect makeup. Stunt background / experience a plus.

    PSEUDO-PIN HEAD Tall and very thin, deathly pale, in his early 20s. Should be comfortable in full body makeup (head covering, etc.), and tight fitted black leather clothing. This pseudo pinhead is such a devoted servant of Pinhead, he mimics his appearance as closely as possible, and revels in the pain that leads to his pleasure. Stunt background / experience a plus.

    FEMALE CENOBITE Tall and thin, this actor should have training in contemporary dance / ballet / mime / as well as be able to work within an environment of sensory deprivation (vision will be impaired within this character’s mask). The actor cannot be claustrophobic in any way, as this character wears full body makeup, wears a mask that covers her entire head and face throughout the film. This character can only communicate though body language and movement. She is a haunting presence in the film and conveys all emotion through her body movement. This female cenobite is also a devoted slave to Pinhead.


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