The Killer Choir: Kill the world

De ultieme monsterhit voor Halloween 2019  is deze fan-made parodie op Heal the World van Michael Jackson. Het filmpje is gemaakt door Cameron J. van Random Structure TV op Youtube. Het filmpje bezorgd je misschien geen rillingen, maar hij is wel degelijk hilarisch!

The Killer Choir bestaat uit onze horror-iconen: Pennywise The Clown, Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, Billy the Puppet, Chucky, Pinhead, Michael Myers en Jason Voorhees. Samen zingen ze hun lied: Kill the World!

Bekijk hieronder:

The KiIIer Choir! 😂🎃🔪 #Halloween | Random Structure TV


There’s a knife in your heart
And I know that there is blood
But don´t be sad
you won´t feel a thing tomorrow
And if you really try Georgie
You can run and you can hide
But even in your dreams
I will bring you pain and sorrow
There are ways to find you
If we don´t want you to be living
Make a little space
To slash you in your face
Kill the world
Make it a scary place
Our goal is to terrify
the entire human race
We want people dying
so we´ll chase you down
if you´re living

Make it a scary place
for you and for me (repeat)

-Solo Michael Myers-
We´ll chase you down
Oh I´m Coming for you Laurie
Sing it one more time
Scare the world we´re living
Scare the little children

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